Alicia Keys – New Day

Lyssna på Alicia Keys – New Day via spotify.

New Day finns med på skivan Girl On Fire som släpptes år 2012, spår nr: 5


Låttexten till New Day av Alicia Keys:

Like a damselle in distress
I’m stressin you
My castle became a dungeon
Cause I’m longing for you
Feeling strong for you
You my knight in shining armor
See Your face in a silver moon
All over the lagoon
and it feels like

Dragon Days
And the fires hot
Like the desert needs water
I need you alot
Dragon days
I need to be saved
I’m missin you
And the days drag on

Desparate for you baby
Do you know what that means
I feel like an addict must feel
when he feigns
In an act of desparation
I get lost in my dreams
Cause like a lady in waitin I’m waitin for you
Prisoner tied over alligator water
Waitin for my prince of paradise to come and take me away from these


Don’t you wanna play

(repeat x2)


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