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Looptroop Rockers - Looptroop Rockers är ett svenskt rap / hip-hop gruppen och har en egen DVSG skivbolaget (David vs Goliath). Bandet består av tre medlemmar: producent ...

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Professional Dreamers finns med på skivan Professional Dreamers som släpptes år 2011, spår nr: 1


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iTunes: bit.ly First single from the upcoming Looptroop Rockers album – also entitled Professional Dreamers – set to be released in the second week of March. "Dedicated to everybody who's set their mind to living their dream. We knew pretty early on that we wanted the new album to be called 'Professional Dreamers'. A few pieces to this album's Looptroop puzzle magically fell in to place on a beautiful day in the fall of 2009. Supreme had just had a meeting with our good friend and documentary film maker Simon Klose, where they had discussed Simon's uncle and his research on dreams at the Lund university back in the seventies. Apparently his uncle had been the first in the world to take photos of the brain using different colors to indicate the brain's activity during sleep – and that way actually seeing when the person was dreaming. So he was literally photographing dreams. Promoe on his hand had just been inspired by a comment in Werner Herzog's movie 'Encounters at the End of the World', to the new Looptroop album's title – Professional Dreamers. Him and Supreme spoke on the phone the same day, and it was just so obvious – the title and the album cover was already there! Now all we needed were the songs… Fast forward to a little more than a year later – Barcelona, December 2010. We teamed up with 19 year old pro skater Josef Scott Jatta – who is the very essence of a professional dreamer – to shoot the video in his hometown for the moment. Originally hailing from <b>…</b>
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