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Rasmus Seebach - Rasmus Seebach är son till sent singer / songwriter Tommy Seebach och har tillbringat de senaste tio åren producera och skriva låtar med sin bror Nico...

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Engel finns med på skivan Rasmus Seebach som släpptes år 2009, spår nr: 4


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Teksterne til Rasmus Seebach med Engel :') Satte den på repeat på min egen computer da den kom frem. Kunne ikke få nok af den :D! Så jeg besluttede mig, at jeg ville være kreativ 😉 There you go 😉 Enjoy. ——————————————————————————– I've come to realise, that a lot of english-speaking people have seen this, and have asked for a translation. I did my best 🙂 Baby, I was yours from the start You were a dream come true From the stars on the sky, No doubt you were my angel Everybody saw you were with me, I was so f*cking proud Finally I was turned me into a man The plan couldn't go wrong, I would grow old with you Happiness reached, I Would make you a mother And, yeah I did hear og nemesis, But sort of thought we were even I really wish I could stay But I have to say goodbye My angel, My angel, My angel Forever, Forever, Forever (say goodbye) I only, I only, I only, Love you Goodbye, My angel Baby, I was yours from the start, Couldn't go fast enough I let you in, and made you a Part of my family, mmh In love with a lie, it was so nice Found peace in my body So you could go to clubs, And come home whenever you wanted to "Babe, I love you," was what you said, And went on vacation with your girlfriends I didn't ask, no 'Cause I trusted in you, oh But funny how all your girlfriends were, On a café down town I called you, But you turned off your phone Is this how you'll say goodbye? My angel, My angel, My angel (uh) Forever <b>…</b>
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