The Pretty Reckless – Going To Hell

Lyssna på The Pretty Reckless – Going to Hell via spotify.

Going to Hell finns med på skivan Going to Hell som släpptes år 2013, spår nr: 1


Låttexten till Going To Hell av The Pretty Reckless:

Old man going.

Hopscotch of life will lead you to the grave.
Wet faces line the street, they will not be saved.
Black house you’ve built it will soon disappear,
Another Corporation dig this year.

Old man going.

Traffic thins as you drive slowly by,
A friend wipes a flower from an eye.
Streets filled with bouquets from a cloudy sky
They’ll soon forget the field in which you lie.

Old man going.

Video med The Pretty Reckless

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”Going To Hell” (official music video) by The Pretty Reckless. Download ”Going To Hell” on iTunes now: (C) 2013 Goin’ Down, Inc.


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