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Imagine Dragons – Thunder

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Thunder finns på skivan Evolve

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"Biography": "Imagine Dragons, an American pop rock band formed in Las Vegas in 2008, quickly rose to global fame with their breakthrough single 'It's Time' in 2012. The band, consisting of lead vocalist Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman, captivated audiences with their debut album 'Night Visions'. This album, featuring the electrifying hit 'Radioactive', not only won them a Grammy for Best Rock Performance but also set the stage for their dominance in the music world. Their sound, a blend of rock, pop, and electronic elements, has consistently evolved, leading to a string of successful albums including 'Smoke + Mirrors', 'Evolve', and 'Origins'. Known for their anthemic choruses and introspective lyrics, Imagine Dragons has maintained a significant presence in the charts and in the hearts of fans worldwide, making them one of the most compelling and enduring bands of their generation."

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