Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

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Call Your Girlfriend finns med på skivan Body Talk som släpptes år 2010, spår nr: 8


Låttexten till Call Your Girlfriend av Robyn:

You say that I am all a gilr like me could be And you say that all that you need you find in me And that feels good, ’cause that is all a gilr wnats to hear But are you telling me this baby just to keep me near My soul and all of my heart I’ll give to you But my trust is something that I put in few So baby if you want it all you’ve got to show me That what you say you’re gonna do is something that will become reality So will you love me, let’s say one year from now And if you will baby can you tell me how ’Cause I wanna know, I’m not gonna play the fool again I wanna be more than just another girlfriend Just another girlfriend, just another girlfriend So this is it, this is where your choice has to be made ’Cause I ain’t goin’ no further if I don’t know what’s ahead But don’t get me wrong, all I want is you to stay with me baby Won’t you stay with me baby But not here, not where we are today [Chorus] Will you leave or will you stay, will you stay another day

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